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#3: Three epic rides

Choose your challenge: RgR65 (Loop 1, 65km), RgR130 (Loop 1+2, 130km), or RgR200 (Loop 1+2+3, 200km). But don’t be fooled by the distances. With the mix of surfaces, ups & downs, ambush sections, and typical July weather, they’re all big rides.

#8: Trent Hills

Thanks to the Ramble, the scenic Trent Hills region is no longer a secret and will impress as a fantastic place to ride bikes. Rolling and winding gravel, access roads, more cows than cars, countless barns, and amazing people make the Trent Hills a special place for the Ramble.


#11: “BEST. DAY. EVER.”

The atmosphere and rider experiences at the Ramble are truly unmatched. It brings Reggie spirit and a friendly small town vibe to the whole day with an awesome bike ride in the middle of it all. Come for the ride and be prepared to have your most enjoyable and fulfilling day of the year from the moment you enter the Fairgrounds to the post ride hangout with all the other gravel crushers.

#16: Race or pace

Whether you’re gunning to become the next Queen or King Crusher of Gravel in the RgR200 or just want to have a nice ride out in the country to take in the scenery, pick your own pace. You’ll probably find yourself riding with others doing the same. But don’t forget, you need to get back to the Fairgrounds for the rest of the fun.


#20: Ambushes

BAM! Waiting around that corner, over the next hill, or hiding in the trees is an Ambush section. Don’t be scared! Ambushes are short, challenging, but rideable sections of roads strategically planned throughout the route to keep riders on their toes.

#22: Loops, not laps

The three Ramble routes are an assembly of three unique Loops. It’s like a clover leaf with each Loop starting and finishing in the Warkworth Fairgrounds. All riders start on Loop 1. RgR65 riders finish at the end of Loop 1 while others continue to Loops 2 and 3 to complete the longer rides. Riders are never more than 30km from the Fairgrounds where they return for support and finish up for the post ride hangout.


#31: Post ride hangout

You’ve just crushed it and there’s still more fun to be had in the Fairgrounds. Grab your finisher award and enjoy your big ride with everyone that has just conquered the Ramble with war stories, food & drinks (included in your registration), live music, sponsor village, rider prizes, and podium awards.

#34: Cow Palace

The historic Warkworth Fairgrounds are the centre of the Ramble highlighted by a massive red barn known as the Cow Palace. Each of the three Loops returns into the Fairgrounds through the Palace before crossing the finish line. Riders tackling the RgR130 or RgR200 can use the drop bag tables to hold their refills for the next Loop and there’s neutral food and drink support for everyone just outside.


#39: All bikes welcome

We don’t recommend road bikes because the tires and gears are not great for the Ambushes but pretty much anything else will work great – gravel bikes, CX bikes, mountain bikes, and fat bikes. As long as the bike is safe, it’s good to go. You can even use your aero bars.

#41: Signed routes

Getting lost stinks so we add signs at every intersection to keep riders on route. We still recommend following the route on a phone or GPS unit but the signs make it really simple to just ride your bike.


#47: Start waves

No need to worry about getting in with a group of riders that is doing half the distance you are riding. Each distance gets its own start time and the gap between each one means riders won’t get mixed in with riders doing other distances. The riders around you are planning to complete the same distance as you.


come ramble with us

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