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2023 results + PHOTOS

Thanks to everyone who came to the epic 2023 Reggie Ramble! Congratulations to all our podium finishers and everyone who crushed it out there!

'23 cow palace t-shirt

If you missed out on the pre-order of the Cow Palace t-shirt before the Reggie Ramble, we have just a few left and you can buy 'em on the shop!

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reggie ramble
july 15, 2023

+ 3 distances with new routes
+ on-site camping available july 14 & 15
+ special edition jersey & t-shirt – pre-order with registration!

*registration closeD june 18th – SORRY, no exceptions!

2023 Reggie Ramble Hype Reel
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Loops, not laps

The Reggie Ramble course is like no other. There are three unique loops starting and finishing at the historic Warkworth Fairgrounds devised into three challenging routes of 65km, 130km, and 200km. If you've ridden the Ramble before, you haven't ridden THIS Ramble. We're changing it up in 2023 with NEW ROUTES.


Loop 1 – All riders ride this awesome first loop. We roll easy out of town to enjoy nice roads and farm views that'll warm you up for challenging dirt and water crossings. Get psyched for the first ambush of the day and then ride constant ups and downs all the way back to the Fairgrounds in Warkworth.

RgR65 Start Time 12:00 pm


Loop 1 + 2 – After your first return to the Cow Palace, the second loop heads out again. Get ready for more climbing, quick and turny gravel roads and – of course - more of the Ramble's signature ambushes. So fun. So hard. Head back to the Fairgrounds.

RgR130 Start Time 10:15 am


Loop 1 + 2 + 3 – Use your second stop at the Fairgrounds wisely to get ready for one last unforgettable loop. Tough gravel, heavy climbing, and eventually the last ambush – perfect for the winning attack, not perfect if you’re just hoping to make it to the end. From there, you'll have the nicest ride back to the Cow Palace for your big finish. Cut-off times apply if you're riding this loop!

RgR200 Start Time 8:30 am



Seriously. Check here first.


The Reggie Ramble is hosted in Warkworth, Ontario with all rides starting and finishing at the red barns in the Warkworth Fairgrounds.

Need a place to stay?
We have on-site camping (add on to your registration) or check out these places in the area.

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SEE YOU in warkworth!



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