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Here's the deal with questions —
check this page thoroughly before you ask one.


If you bug us with a question that we've already answered here, it's  20 bucks a question. Or we'll add a minute to your finish time. You get the point. Check the page.

+  Below is a list of the Top FAQS we get asked.

+  Below that is our library of awesome Need-to-Know Videos:

+  Routes, Loops & Ambushes

+  Gear Tips & Important Info

+  What's included (all the fun stuff)

*We'll be updating the videos to 2023 info as we get closer to the race.


top FAQs

+ What tires should I ride?

Go for something 35-45mm with a bit of tread. This will be optimal for smoothing out all the time you’ll be on the rough gravel and negotiating the Ambush sections. If it’s dry and you’re racing, slicks will be OK but you’ll still want to go with a wider size.

+ Can I ride a mountain bike?

Absolutely. It’s basically a road ride on gravel roads so a MTB will be slower overall than a gravel bike but it will be comfortable and help on the Ambushes.

+ Can I ride a road bike?

Not recommended unless you can fit 35mm+ tires on it. The terrain is rough and steep, particularly in the Ambush sections and a road bike will really struggle. Wider tires and lighter gearing are sort of requirements for most riders.

+ Are there drink stations
on the route?

Nope. Part of the Ramble challenge is supporting yourself for at least one Loop at a time. Once you return to the Fairgrounds, you’ll have your drop bags in the Cow Palace and neutral food & drink support. While on the route, you need to be able to take care of yourself.

+ How hard is it?

Hard. It doesn’t matter which distance, they’re all challenging rides. Each Loop is approximately 65km long with 1,000m of climbing on mostly gravel roads. It’s constantly up and down and the Loops get harder the more you do. Riders should expect each Loop to take about three hours to complete.

+ What is an Ambush?

Ambushes are simply sections of road (usually access roads) that are bit more challenging than a typical gravel road. They usually go up or down but there are a few flat ones. All of them are rideable so challenge yourself to make it through without putting a foot down. But don’t worry about not making it the whole way because Ambushes are short and you’ll be back on your bike quickly.

+ Can I defer or
transfer my entry?

Nope. Since the pandemic, lead-times for virtually everything have become very long. We need to make commitments for all the pieces needed to make the day great for riders and it’s not possible to back out of those.




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