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After experiencing many of the biggest gravel events in the US, it was clear that the gravel roads in Reggie’s own backyard are world class. But if we were going to host a Reggie event, it also needed to be the most epic ride in this part of the world. Voila, the Reggie Ramble with a 200km headliner hosted in Warkworth ran for the first time in 2019.


Unlike other cycling events, the Ramble goes beyond the ride to create a special experience for every rider throughout the day. From the moment you enter the Fairgrounds to the post ride hang out, we hope to exceed expectations and extend the Reggie spirit for everyone.


Come see why the Reggie Ramble has quickly become one of the most loved cycling events in Ontario.

2022 Reggie Ramble Recap

2022 Reggie Ramble Recap

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