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Rules to Ramble – 2024

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Everyone attending the Ramble in 2024 will need to follow the latest COVID-19 safety protocols set out by the Province of Ontario, Trent Hills, and the organizer. Specific guidelines for the event will be published nearer to the event to comply with health authorities.

  1. The Ramble runs on open public roads.  "Rules of the road" must be followed: stop at stop signs, stay on the right side of the road, and watch for other vehicles. Be smart.

  2. Riders are responsible for navigating the course. Using a computer or phone to follow the route files is recommended. Colour-coded directional signs will be positioned at all turns but we cannot guarantee they will remain in place or untampered with throughout the day. Riders will be notified if the organizer changes the routes.

  3. All participants will need to sign-in in person prior to their start on Saturday to receive their event package. ID will be required and no one else will be able to sign-in for you.  

  4. Riders are expected to follow the primary routes. No short cuts or alternative routes are allowed. If anyone goes off course, they must attempt to re-enter the route where they originally went off. Please stay within the primary boundaries of the road.

  5. Riders will need to be able to support themselves while out on the course. This means carrying sufficient food, drink, extra inner tubes, essential tools, and any additional clothing. The only rider support will be found at the Warkworth Fairgrounds which will be no more than 30km from any point on the course.

  6. There will be no outside support allowed on the course. Riders may purchase supplies from a store or receive help from a house along the route but assistance cannot be 'delivered' to a rider. Please don't call your mom to bring you a drink while you're out on one of the loops.

  7. Riders need to finish on the bike they start the event with. Pieces can be changed throughout the event to keep it on the gravel but the primary bike (frame) needs to remain the same throughout the ride. Your bike also needs to be 100% human powered. No e-bikes or motorized aids are allowed. It's all you.

  8. Lights for visibility are a good idea for everyone, all day long. Lights will be mandatory for any RgR200 riders starting the third loop. A minimum of a working clear front light and a red rear light must be installed prior to starting the final loop regardless of time of day.

  9. To manage the final arrival times of RgR200 finishers, riders finishing Loop 2 after 4:00pm will NOT be allowed to start Loop 3.

  10. Riders who complete fewer loops than they had registered for will still be considered 'finishers' for the shorter distance. Riders will receive a finisher badge for the distance they complete.  No refunds will be given to riders not completing their original registered distance.

  11. Be nice. Have fun. This is intended to be an amazing day of riding for everyone. Help other riders if they need it. Be friendly to the locals. Do a good ride.

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