THANKS TO ALL WHO RAMBLED WITH US on September 25, 2021!


rider photos


Free Ramble photos thanks to Terrain Group!

All you Ramble legends can find your free photos here. Search by name or number plate or under quicklinks you can use facial recognition (in case your number plate wasn't legible.)

2021 rESULTS


Find all the 2021 results here.

How will you level up next time? Longer? Faster? All of the above?


crushed it!

Queen Crusher Podium
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Congratulations to the top finishers of the RgR200



1st – Veronique Fortin (Fount Cycling)

2021 Queen Crusher

2nd - Hannah Simms (Toronto Hustle)

3rd - Julie Toole (Blacksmith Cycle)



1st - Travis Samuel (Fretori)

2021 King Crusher


2nd - Anton Varabei (Toronto Hustle)


3rd - Adam Millar (Ascent Cycling p/b MGCC)

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jakroo jackpot winners

Congratulations to the three Jakroo Jackpot winners. These three winners crushed their events all the way to the finish and scored the Jakroo Jackpot, a custom jersey they will design for themselves and with a value of $250. Can't wait to see those new jerseys on the gravel roads!


RgR65 - David Weir

RgR130 - Donahue Cole

RgR200 - Scott Sexsmith


Loops, not laps

The Reggie Ramble course is like no other. There are three unique loops starting and finishing at the historic Warkworth Fairgrounds devised into three challenging routes of 65km, 130km, and 200km.


THE courseS


The first loop for all riders rolls easy out of town to the southeast. Nice roads and farms will warm you up for the marsh drag with challenging dirt and water crossings. Take advantage of the following roads to get psyched for the first ambush of the day that kicks off the constant ups and downs all the way back to Warkworth.

Start Time 12:00 pm


After your first return to the Fairgrounds, the second loop heads north. The climbing quickly picks back up from the first loop and then never lets up. After 20km, hang on to the bars down the first ambush. You’ll drag yourself out to some quick and turny gravel roads that will ambush you a couple of more times before a speedy descent to the Fairgrounds.

Start Time 10:15 am


Use your stop at the Fairgrounds wisely to get ready for one last unforgettable loop to the southwest. You’ll recognize this route out of town from the first loop until you turn right. 25km of tough gravel with heavy climbing to the highest point of the day will let you know what you have left. With 15km to go, you’ll hit the last ambush – perfect for the winning attack, not perfect if you’re just hoping to make it to the end. From there, you have the nicest ride back to town for your big finish.

Start Time 8:30 am



The Reggie Ramble starts & finishes at the red barns at the Warkworth Fairgrounds in Warkworth, Ontario.



Not only will you have an amazing ride on carefully crafted gravel routes, there's a whole lot more cool stuff and support for riders. Here's what to expect when you register and come ride:

Cool Stuff:

  • Crushed-It Ramble badge for finishers

  • 15% Discount on your next REGGIE purchase

  • Enjoy the ride with Chamois Butt'r. Get a sample (men's & women's specific) in your Jakroo Race Bag. Use it to reduce chafing so you can focus on grinding gravel.

  • Free downloadable photos of you on course, thanks to Terrain Group

  • A cool Ramble Mask in your Jakroo Race Bag

  • Fuel with Endurance Tap. You'll get a maple syrup gel in your Jakroo Race Bag to refuel on your ride and we'll hand you a Stroopwafel for a little recovery charge when you cross the finish line.

  • Save your ass with a Shimano Gravel GRX ass saver in your Jakroo Race Bag

  • Go for the Jakroo Jackpot! The middle finisher based on placing in each distance will win a Jakroo jersey that they can design for themselves. You gotta finish and you need to hang out for the results.

  • ABUS has ambushed the race bags! 28 riders will find a winning ticket in their race bags and will receive either a new ABUS helmet (1 of 3) or an ABUS cap (1 of 25). The 28 winners will get their prizes during the awards (you gotta be there to get it.)



  • Warkworth Chalices for the King and Queen of the RgR200

  • #1 number plates for the first finishers in their category for all three events

FOOD, FUn & Support:


  • Directional signage throughout route (plus available GPX files)

  • Shimano tech support in the Fairgrounds to get riders out on their next Loop

  • Event specific number plates

  • Get a cold can of GoodLot Bighead Amber and a high five to celebrate your ride

  • Catered food truck to service riders and fans through the day: riders can get a free coffee in the morning (breakfast sandwiches also available for purchase) and choice of food post-ride to enjoy with their GoodLot beer (burgers, sausages, fries, chicken fingers, poutine, peameal bacon sandwich). Additional food (and for non-riders) may be purchased

  • Food station in the Fairgounds before heading out on the next Loop: water, bananas, watermelon, candy, granola bars (if you're out for the RgR130 or RgR200 challenges, we suggest bringing along your preferred nutrition

  • Free parking in the Fairground with easy access to your vehicle from the route

  • Lube + bike wash station in the Fairground

  • Drop bag area in the Fairground for quick access to your own gear









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